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This is the evolving website for the Person-Centered Expressive Arts community. PCEA was founded by Dr. Natalie Rogers based on her Creative Connection© process.  Over the years, Natalie and her PCEA colleagues have trained practitioners from across the world in this transformational methodology. Whether you are a professional who is interested in exploring PCEA as a career or someone who wishes to find out what PCEA can offer you personally, you’ve come to the right place!  Learn about the expressive arts process. 

Concentration in Person-Centered Expressive Arts at Meridian University

Meridian University is offering a new concentration in Person-Centered Expressive Arts. This two-year experiential program is unique because it combines the person-centered theory, practice and philosophy of Carl Rogers with the expressive arts: Movement, Sound, Visual Art, Creative Writing and Psychodrama. Upon completion of this program, students will receive a certificate from Person-Centered Expressive Arts Associates.

Participants from around the world come to the program for many reasons–to use the expressive arts in counseling, teaching, mediation, social action and group facilitation, and/or to awaken personal growth and creativity.

Enrollment is now open for our 2017/2019 program which begins in August 2017. To learn more, please visit our certificate program details page or e-mail Dr. Sue Ann Herron, our Director.

PCEA for Creativity, Personal Growth, and Healing

Perhaps you’re at a crossroads—wanting to connect with your authentic self and work through issues using expressive arts methods in a safe and non-judgmental setting?  PCEA-trained practitioners offer private sessions, workshops, and classes across the globe.  Find a Person-Centered Expressive Arts Practitioner near you. 

Natalie in yellow“It is difficult to convey in words the depth and power of the expressive arts process. Really, you must taste it to understand it.”

Natalie Rogers, Ph.D., REAT

Natalie Rogers (center left in yellow) dreamed the 1st Internaltional PCEA Symposium into being! What a joy it was to welcome 57 participants from around the world!The PCEA Community

If you’re a graduate of Person-Centered Expressive Arts training program, you can find colleagues and learn about the work your peers are doing on this site.  

We’re building the first comprehensive international directory of Person-Centered Expressive Arts practitioners!  Learn more about our community.