hand-with-messy-paintsflashWelcome to the website of practitioners of Person-Centered Expressive Arts, an empowering approach to personal growth and creativity developed by Natalie Rogers, Ph.D. and her colleagues. Here you will find information about the Person-Centered Expressive Arts process and be able to locate a practitioner near you.

If you are one of the many former Person-Centered Expressive Therapy Insitute students, you will be able to find and stay in touch with friends and colleagues who have been in workshops or programs of person-centered expressive arts. This website can be a network for those of us who value the person-centered approach as a way of being and as applied to the expressive arts.

Expressive Arts uses movement, sound, visual arts, creative writing and psychodrama to foster self-expression, insight, creativity, and higher states of consciousness. Moving or dancing with awareness opens us to feelings which can be expressed in color, line or form. When we write immediately after the movement and art, a free flow of words emerges. Dr. Natalie Rogers has termed this process of using the arts in sequence, the Creative Connection®. Person-Centered Expressive Arts is unique in that it combines this process with the in-depth theory and practice of the person-centered approach of Dr. Carl Rogers.

bluemovementflashWhile most traditional forms of coaching, counseling and therapy tend to rely solely on verbal exchange, expressive arts uses a wide range of self-expression methods to help you gain insight and awareness. The expressive arts help you rediscover your innate creativity and nourish your soul. The emphasis is on the process. The goal is not to create beautiful art, choreographed dance or publishable writing, but on self-awareness leading to positive action

Person-Centered Expressive Arts practitioners are psychotherapists, social workers, educators, pastoral counselors, nurses and individuals working in the field of organizational development. They work with people individually in private sessions, facilitate groups and teach classes. In many cases they are artists themselves.